The Paintings of Ivor John Powell

The vision of a border Welshman

St. Philip

8. St. Philip's Church, Bontddu

17.8 x 25.4cm. Coarse-grained Daler Board with home-made reversed frame

NLW(PG 5893)

On the reverse, in Ivor's hand, is written 'St. Philip's Church, Bontddu, North Wales'. Like his version of the Lodge, Bontddu, this can be dated to 1965. The Daler board he used is coarse-grained, so his thin layers of paint settled into its surface in such a way as to give an almost pointillist texture. This helped him to form a consistent and cohesive structure to the painting. He was unlikely to have had any photographic record of the building and his recollection of it was not so precise as to inhibit his imaginative presentation of the church. He evidently took great pleasure in its distinctive character - quite unlike the churches he knew in his home area. With its almost domestic windows, flecked with colour, and its welcoming entrance, he makes it seem a place in which one might drink tea or eat home-made cake rather than engage in austere worship

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