The Paintings of Ivor John Powell

The vision of a border Welshman

Landscape by Ivor Powell

57. Landscape

cm. Owner's frame

Private Collection

This painting, dated 1979, was composed at a period of declining health for Ivor. As treatment brought about at least a temporary restoration of his energy, he may have decided on creating a series of three paintings which would enable him to complete his theme of the good society, just as his Welsh Flag had completed his studies of buildings. The rural community he presents to us here is an imaginary creation. He selects the elements of the actual world that he wants and leaves out what does not belong. This is no conventional village. There are no gentry houses or estate grounds. Without a visible social hierarchy, each property has its own piece of land, is of the same size and relates informally to the church, which, perhaps because it is not based on any building that he knew, has a rather other-worldly appearance when compared with his convincing versions of local churches. The figure with his dog could be the farmer walking to join his ploughman, or he could simply be someone walking his dog in this open and inclusive landscape. His interest in heavy draught horses increased over time and they are much in evidence here. Apart from appearing in a number of his later paintings, there is a surviving study of two of them, which he painted in acrylic on a sheet of notepaper. A detail of the picture is also included here.

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