The Paintings of Ivor John Powell

The vision of a border Welshman

Hunting Scene by Ivor Powell

46. Hunting Scene

cm. Canvas with re-used frame

Private Collection

It is instructive to compare the National Library hunting scene with this privately owned version. The frame on this painting is of the same pattern and material as on Llanthony Priory and therefore helps us to date it in the mid 70s. Though both were imagined scenes and shared items from his store of memory images, he treated them as separate compositions, as though he was composing different pieces of music or variations on a theme. The cloud forms, though of the same kind, are not replicated in this picture, because what goes on beneath them changes. The horses, dogs, onlookers, even the landscape forms of road, heath and woodland, are placed with the deliberation one might expect to see in an abstract artist locating his geometrical elements. Especially with his distribution of white - how carefully he chose the number of dogs and directed their tails to good effect - he was able to set up the relationships and tensions necessary to give coherent structures to his composition.

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