The Paintings of Ivor John Powell

The vision of a border Welshman

Fuchsia Plant by Ivor Powell

37. Fuchsia Plant

34.3 x 25.4cm. Daler Board with home-made frame

NLW(PG 5888)

In Ivor's own hand, the title is written on the reverse. The fuchsia was placed on a very solidly made cupboard which he bought from a local wood yard, where items from ships' breakers were sold. Like others in the area, he had a number of pieces of furniture which had begun their lives in ocean liners. Like his wife, he found it natural to think in terms of threes. Misfortunes, they said, were likely to come in threes. In this painting, though the centre of interest, the triadic groups of pots are still very much part of his whole design. Though the blue of the conservatory interior was used in this composition, unlike his approach in Three Potted Plants, he also recognised the white of the brickwork and the warm red tone of the exterior wall, so that quite different colour relationships result. Though, in general he wanted to be faithful to the appearance of things, where it did not fit his aesthetic needs, he changed it. While the living room window is clipped by the right edge of the painting, its window sill is made to terminate within the painting. His composition worked better that way.

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